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Are you ready to meet Documents Innova?

Let us introduce you to Documents Innova, an electronic document management system purpose-built for large-scale organisations.

Electronic / Mobile Signature

According to Standards

Create your registered electronic / mobile signature fully compliant with Turkish standards and add it to all your documents with ease.


TS 13298 / T1 Certified

According to Local Regulations

Certified by the Turkish Standards Institution and in full compliance with local regulations.


Mobile Applications

Anywhere, anytime

You can easily access Documents Innova from your mobile devices.


Advantages of Documents Innova

Flexible, Dynamic, Fast, Secure And Easy to Use

  • Designed to meet the needs of large-scale enterprises,
  • Form recognition, regional character recognition and OCR (optical character recognition) with unlimited page-per-minute licensing.
  • Drag-and-drop to create visually enhanced template and workflow designs

A day in the life of Documents Innova


Users log In


Pages are Scanned


Documents are Signed using Registered Electronic Signatures


Processes are Completed


Documents Innova Featured Components

The information rights management module (IRM) enables record encryption and user rights management.

Includes native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices as well as a mobile web application that can be accessed from any mobile device.

Due to its SOA infrastructure, Documents Innova can be integrated into any software that provides a web service.

Secure and effective solution that preserves the documents you share.

Records and Forms can be categorically defined and archived.

Documents Innova offers a Windows client-based solution for heavy-duty scanning, and a built-in web-based tool for lightweight scanning.

Recent References

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology uses Documents Innova in its headquarters and nation-wide offices in Turkey’s 81 provinces.

The Turkish Patent Institute

The Turkish Patent Institute required a robust electronic document management system in order to manage a high volume of daily correspondences and to archive the many documents created by the Patent and Trademark processes.[...]

Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom was in need of a 360-degree solution that would record physical documents, enable their electronic flow within the organization; and record, archive, share, dispose of and report all electronic documents and information.[...]

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